Why DIS?

Digitally Inclined Solutions is a solutions provider that focuses on delivering IT solutions that address real business needs. Our goal is to provide IT solutions that organizations need in today’s economy to help them grow into leaders within their own industry.

We provide assistance and leadership in the following areas:

  1. Online Presence

    1. Content Management Systems
    2. Customer Relationship Management
    3. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Business Intelligence

    1. Data Marts/Warehouses
    2. KPI Reporting
  1. Development

    1. Mobile Development (Native and Hybrid)
    2. Website Design and Development
    3. 2D/3D Game Design and Development
  2. Application Architecture

    1. Open-Source Solutions
    2. Microsoft/ .NET Solutions
  1. IT Education/Training

    1. "How-Tos"/Tutorials
  2. Agile Project Management

  3. IT Management

    1. IT Vendor/Contractor Management
    2. Disaster Recover Planning
    3. Task Automation
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Digitally Inclined Solutions has three simple philosophies:

  1. Technology is a requirement in business, and those that invest in sound solutions, get ahead of the game. In essence, IT is a currency for business.
  2. Businesses that focus on investing in technologies that empowers operations, while maintaining proper architecture to ensure Business Continuity, will succeed.
  3. Technology can enhance the knowledge management infrastructure of an organization, but to enable continued growth, the solution needs to be:
    • Designed properly
    • Implemented by experienced specialists
    • Serviced proactively by professionals

These three philosophies are why Digitally Inclined Solution can help your organization grow and be successful. IT is vital to successful growth; our mission is to be a vital IT resource for your organization.