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Learn how Digitally Inclined Solutions can help you navigate through the implementation phase.

In the early days of software development, a programmer and a user would sit down and talk about what was needed in a new program or wanted changed in an existing one. The developer would go away and reappear sometime later with a new or changed program. As life, business and technology became more complicated, structured methodologies evolved to support the lifecycle of software or a system. Commonly referred to as the Software (or Systems) Development Lifecycle, these methodologies have dominated how new software systems were built and maintained for over thirty years.

Waterfall Model: In Waterfall model, the software project is sliced into six different stages namely 1-Project Planning 2-Requirement Definition 3-Design 4-Development 5-Integration and Test 6-Installation and Acceptance. The Waterfall model is the base for all other SDLC models.

RAD Model or Prototyping Model: RAD model offers an interesting approach in which the prototype is developed first. The user can inspect the prototype to get a feel of the actual product and then the product development is made.

Agile Methodology: In recent days, the SDLC model that is popularly used is the Agile SDLC or Agile Methodologies. Agile SDLC is a combination of various software development methodologies that are based on the incremental and iterative development. In Agile methodology, the solutions are evolved through the collaboration between the teams that are self-organizing and cross functional.

At Digitally Inclined Solutions, we are well-versed in these methods. We can adapt to meet your needs for the most cost effective path to develop your solution.