Who are Visual Designers?

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Learn how Digitally Inclined Solutions can help you navigate through the design phase.

The goal of visual design is to ensure that your product conveys a sense of quality and elicits the proper emotional response from your customers. It is the most aesthetic and subjective design type, but it's also the most immediately recognizable one.

While visual designers take their cues from system and interface designers, they are responsible for crafting and delivering an ethos for your product. They spend most of their time making interface elements both attractive and appropriately toned so as to reinforce the purpose and value of the product for your customers, and a good visual designer knows how to make a product pleasurable without making assets that are overly conspicuous.

A visual designer spends the most time on detail, since they sit closest to the customer's actual experience. And they deliver high-resolution images, animations or other customer-ready elements that can be incorporated directly into the product.