Who are System Designers?

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Learn how Digitally Inclined Solutions can help you navigate through the design phase.

A system is a set of interacting parts, created for some particular purpose and the system designer spends their time mainly thinking about user flows and experiences, which is to say, how your customers ought to encounter the solution at various points in their life-cycles, what they are enabled to do upon those encounters, and how that enablement provides your customers with additional value.

We know that the way to solve a large problem is to break it into a set of interacting smaller problems. Each of these smaller problems can then be decomposed into even smaller problems, until after enough iterations; we have a problem that can be solved on its own. Each pass gives us a set of components; deciding what those components are and how they fit together is the task of a system designer.

A good system designer is aware that prioritization is key because there isn't enough time or resources for all promising ideas; ideas with the most promise must be tackled first. The system designer must continually map this system prioritization to your company's most pressing business objectives.