Who are Interactive Designers?

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Learn how Digitally Inclined Solutions can help you navigate through the design phase.

There are many key factors to understanding interaction design and how it can enable a pleasurable experience for your customers. Interaction design plays a pivotal role in helping define what works best for the customer.

If the solution is a website, the focus is on arranging and defining various elements on each page that provides the customer with information and input as well as the interface is intuitive with a consistent flow. If the solution is a mobile application, then the medium is screen-by-screen. If it is an email component of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, then medium is only one page but needs to be viewed in multiple email clients.

A good user interface designer understands the constraints and opportunities of the medium and plays the very empathetic role, studying how people of all targeted backgrounds, will learn (or fail to learn) how to use your product. They are intent on ensuring that the interface elements come together in a cohesive whole that makes sense to your customers architecturally, delivering those elements as wireframes or other medium-resolution materials to the visual designer.